Kids Closet

Spring Sale  (Friday, March 31 & Saturday, April 1, 2017)

for seller numbers, inventory sheets or more info:  463-4053 or


Public sale hours are Friday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8 to 11:00 a.m.  Don’t miss the half-price shopping event from 10 to 11:00 a.m. on Saturday.
The Kids Closet sale is hosted by Trinity United Methodist Church, located at 147 South Main Street in Lexington. The sale occupies the Fellowship Hall. Enter the building through the side entrance.  Cash and checks accepted. Please consider bringing your own reusable shopping bag to hold your purchases. This saves us from having to collect plastic and paper grocery bags.  We appreciate your cooperation.
The United Methodist Women (UMW) is committed to making each Kids Closet sale a success. The following policies have been established to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all Kids Closet participants.

40 Shoppers Policy:

A total of 40 shoppers will be allowed into the Seller’s Only Sale at any given time. Shoppers are persons who are selling items at the Kids Closet sale, and have their special ticket in-hand, to give to the Door Hostess. The Door Hostess will collect tickets and pass out entry numbers on a first-come, first-serve basis. As shoppers pay for their purchases and exit the building, more shoppers will be allowed in.

No Children Policy:

Children are not allowed into the Seller’s Only Sale. We created this policy for two reasons. First, by not allowing children into the sale, we increase the number of adult buyers that can be safely admitted to shop. Second, we can better preserve the integrity of the items our Sellers prepared for sale, especially the toys.

Kids Closet Details

  • Kids Closet, a 50/50 consignment sale, is a great way to clean out your closets, make a little money, AND support local, national, and international charitable causes. Kids Closet began in the spring of 2003 with a small pool of sellers. Today, we number over 250 potential sellers, with a typical sale representing between 50 and 60 actual sellers.
  • Trinity’s United Methodist Women gives its portion of sale profits to various causes, including Rockbridge Area Free Clinic for Women’s Health Services, Trinity’s Relay for Life Team, Rockbridge Area Relief Association for heating assistance, All God’s Children’s Camp scholarships, Henry Forks Community Center in south central Virginia, Luke’s House Free Clinic in New Orleans, and UMCOR for Haitian relief efforts.
  • In 2005, we began distributing gift certificates to people in-need within our community. We do this with the help of several local agencies. The gift certificates enable people to purchase items at little to no personal cost. We also invite local-area schools, which operate clothing closets, to shop at a reduced cost.
  • If you’re interested in being a seller, gather your seasonal clothing and gear to sell on consignment. Saleable items must be in very good shape and may include children’s clothes, shoes, coats, strollers, and other baby/kid gear. We also sell maternity, women’s, teens, and men’s clothing.
  • Wash and press your items. Hang, or package, and tag your items according to the instructions below. Complete an inventory sheet, and deliver your goods to Trinity at your pre-arranged drop-off time. Trinity handles the advertising, quality checks, inventory, customers, and money. After the event, sellers collect unsold items and a paycheck.
  • In general, your items will sell better if they are in-season; they are clean, pressed and hung neatly or packaged neatly; and they are reasonably priced.


First-time sellers must contact the church office to obtain a unique seller number. You may reach Stephanie Wright in the church office by email at or you may call 463-4053.

  1. All sellers must schedule a drop-off appointment, by contacting Stephanie in the church office. Please make your appointment in a timely manner.


  1. Complete an inventory sheet/s. We must have your name, seller number, mailing address, phone number, and total number of items for sale. At a minimum, you must complete an inventory of all items you want returned to you, that remain unsold at the end of the sale. TUMC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items.


  1. Prepare your items for sale as described in the Hanging and Tagging sections. TUMC reserves the right to refuse items for safety or quality reasons.


  1. Shop at the Seller’s Only Sale. You will receive a ticket when you drop-off your items. You must present your ticket at the door, to enter the Seller’s Only Sale. Only one shopper per ticket, please. Children are not allowed into the Seller’s Only Sale.


The hanging guidelines were designed to allow clothing to hang better on our racks. A consistent hanging method means volunteers can easily hang your garments and potential buyers can easily view your garments. Some local area dry cleaners will give away standard-sized wire hangers.
  1. Use standard-size wire hangers. Infant and children’s clothing must be safety-pinned to the hangers. Older youth, teen and adult shirts, tops, and jackets can be hung on hangers as usual.
  2. Hang clothing right-facing (i.e., hook opens to the right).
    3. Pin or twist tie multiple pieces together.
    4. Use Ziplock-type bags to contain small pieces.


Tagging items properly is vital to making sure you (the Seller) get paid properly. The tagging guidelines were designed to make sure tags are easy to read and easy to remove. Tags are reviewed during the check-in process. In particular, we want to make sure the inventory sheet and tag matches, especially for items you want returned, if they remain unsold.
Tags are removed at the checkout station. Volunteers do not have time to pick at or cut excessive tape to remove a tag. A safety pin, or tape on 2 sides of the tag works well. If your item is sold at half-price, volunteers need to mark a slash through your tag, so the cashier knows to charge half price. Marker and ink do not stick to tape. We need a paper surface to do this. Another caution about tape…it can damage some surfaces, like shoes. Masking tape and painters tape are suggested for attaching tags to items with tape.

Volunteers also do not have time to re-write tags, so please do not use stickers as tags. I f you are packaging items in a plastic bag, please place the tag inside the bag or safety pin it to the outside of the bag.

  1. Make tags from heavy card stock. Tip: Cut 3×5 notecards in half to make 2 tags.
  1. Tags must include seller number (M###), item number, item description and size, item cost, and if the No Discount (ND) rule applies. Write tag information in blue or black ink. ND should be written in red ink. (If the No Discount rule applies to your item, that means the item cost will not be reduced to half-price during the last hour of the sale.)
  1. Highlight your seller number on item tags that you want returned to you, if they remain unsold.
  1. Use safety pins to attach tags to clothing, bedding, and plastic bags in the upper, left corner.
  1. Use masking or painters tape to attach tags on items where a safety pin won’t work. The tag should be positioned so it is easily seen by a buyer and checkout volunteer.


NOTE: Due to product recalls and potential safety risks, Kids Closet cannot accept car seats and drop-side cribs for sale.

NOTE: Sellers should carefully read the information provided under the Sellers tab. We added information about our 40-Shoppers at a Time Policy and No Children at Sellers Sale Policy.