Trinity's Worship Services

Welcome! You may be planning a visit to Lexington and want to find a place of worship during your stay. You may be preparing for a permanent move to our city or Rockbridge County and want to learn more about the United Methodist Church serving the city. Or you may be a member who wants to check up on church activities.
All people may attend worship services, participate in programs, receive the sacraments and become members.
Sunday 11:00 am – Traditional Service (Sept. - May)
Our liturgy is guided by a bulletin and our hymns are from The United Methodist Hymnal. Special music is provided by our choir assisted by organ or piano.
Children are included in worship and also are provided their own worship time in our fellowship hall during a part of the hour.
We have Communion the first Sunday of the month. Gluten-free wafers are available.
Our children collect a “noisy can” offering of coins every third Sunday of the month to fund an annual outreach program.
A nursery for children who are walking through age 3 years is available and staffed. Please know that bags containing items for quiet entertainment are available in the narthex.
Sunday 9:00 am – Informal Service (only Sept. – May)
This service is a modified traditional service. It includes hymns from The United Methodist Hymnal, prayer, special music and the same text and sermon as the 11 a.m. service.
Sunday School 9:30am - September through May
We offer weekly and monthly classes.  Weekly classes are available for ages 9th grade through adult.  Monthly KidZone (grades K through 6th) and Adult Contemporary class are provided on the first Sunday.
Sunday 10:00 am - Traditional Service (only June - Aug.)
For the summer months, we consolidate to one worship service per Sunday, beginning at 10:00am.  Special Music is often provided by guest singers and musicians, so our Sanctuary Choir can enjoy a summer break.
We do not offer Sunday School or Children's Church during the summer.
A Service of Contemplative Worship
The 3rd Sunday of each month, beginning at 5:00 pm
What Is Contemplative Worship?
Let’s begin a definition of Contemplative Worship by using a method which, we are told, should never be used—by saying what it is not. Sometimes, it clarifies.
A Contemplative Service of Worship is not intended to be a substitute for our regular worship opportunities.
Do not confuse the words “contemplative” and “contemporary”. The definitions and practices are miles apart.
A Contemplative Service of Worship is not a gimmick to add “giving units” to the church roll.
Theologically, Contemplative Worship is neither liberal nor conservative; it is what you are.
So, what will a Contemplative Service of Worship provide for us?
Our Bishop Cho has challenged all of our churches to an intentional practice of deepening prayer. A Service will help us answer that challenge as it will offer the opportunity for deep, listening prayer—we can help people deepen and grow their prayer life in God.
A Service will offer to our youth, as well as to all of us, a temporary escape from our “culture of noise” so that, as the Church, we can be together, yet alone, with God.
The components of Contemplative Worship are Silence for Meditation, Hearing Scripture Read, Repetitive Singing of Simple Songs, Prayers, and Holy Communion.
Sometimes Contemplative Worship is referred to as Taizé (Tai-zeh) Worship. It is a form that was restored and popularized by an ecumenical monastic order in the village of Taizé in the Burgundy Region of France.
–The Rev. Fred Arndt