Here’s what you need to know so that we all

can worship safely together in the sanctuary.



  • Before leaving to attend in-person worship, each attendee must take his/her temperature. It must be below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit in order to attend worship. If they are feeling ill they must stay home.
  • Each person must bring their own face covering (mandatory). We will have complimentary face coverings available with greeters.
  • Hand sanitizer should be brought by those attending.
  • People must put on face coverings before exiting their vehicle. Face coverings must remain on until they get back in their vehicle.
  • Physical distancing guidelines will be observed as attendees walk from their vehicles to the church building.
  • As people arrive, they will enter through the designated doors for the Sanctuary or by using the handicapped accessible doors off the church parking lot. These doors will be propped open so no one will need to touch the door.


  • Those attending will be asked by our greeters to affirm the questions on the Health Acknowledgement Poster on before entering the building. The greeters will then record the name and contact information for non-members
  • The worship capacity of Trinity’s sanctuary is about 300 folks. The Health Church Team does not anticipate exceeding a 50% capacity. Face coverings will be required for all persons including the pastor for the duration of the service. Physical distancing of six feet will be followed in the sanctuary.
  • There will be no congregational singing or choral singing. There will be no traditional passing of the peace or passing of the offering plates. Children will be present in worship as long as they can wear a mask for the entirety of the service.
  • Trinity has been approved for use of printed bulletins
  • Nursery care is available.
  • Ushers will help with these transitions, including helping guests with seating and monitoring social distancing.



  • Physical distancing guidelines will be observed until each person gets into their vehicle.
  • Offering plates will be stationed in the sanctuary and in the narthex allowing people to place their offering as they leave.
  • Our church custodian will clean the Sanctuary during the week prior to worship the next week. 



Will the worship service be live streamed?  What about those who don’t do computers?

            Trinity folks will be able to worship in person or by watching the service livestreamed on Facebook and possibly on YouTube (or accessing the video later).  Trinity will print and mail the Sunday liturgy to folks who do not attend in person and who do not have computer access. 


Will we be able to sing?

            At this time, Virginia United Methodist congregations are not permitted to sing, nor can choirs perform.  We will listen to organ/piano versions of hymns and other sacred music. 


How long will the service last?

            Pastor Joe anticipates the service will be 25-35 minutes. 


Are children permitted in worship?

            Any child who is able to wear a mask is welcome to attend.


What about child-care during worship?

            Child-care for children under 5 is available.


What about Communion?

            The Bishop has recently approved Virginia United Methodist congregations for simultaneous online and in-person communion.  Trinity’s Worship Team will explore how that might be practiced at Trinity.


Can we use the restrooms or be in other parts of the church building?

            Our restrooms will be available if needed.  Lysol spray and paper towels will be placed in each restroom so that folks can wipe down touched surfaces.  Church members should avoid using other spaces in the building. 


Are conditions safe for us to regather?

            Pastor Joe and the Trinity Healthy Church Team will monitor the VA Dept of Health reports on our community.  We will only gather if we can do so safely.